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News and Event RSS Feeds

There are two kinds of RSS feeds available in OU Campus, Event feeds that are pulled from the University Calendar and News feeds based on news articles in your own website. If you are interested in either feed, some initial steps are required.

News Feeds

A news feed contains a list of news articles that relate to your department or organization. The feeds are often placed on your home page and the items displayed can be limited to a certain number (often 3 to 5) to control the length of the feed. An archive page of all articles is included and can be opened via a "View all…" link at the bottom of the feed. Each list item in the feed can have an optional thumbnail image. News feeds can be adapted for other uses such as a series of tips or learning modules.

If you want a news feed, please make a request. We will set up the feed code and settings. You will then have a specific directory to hold the news articles you create. We offer an RSS training session to give you a solid understanding of how to add an RSS item to the feed. The training can also include Photoshop tips on creating attractive thumbnail images.


News Feed Examples

Event Feeds

You can set up a calendar for your department or university organization as part of the University Calendar. To set up an account contact University Marketing and Communications. You can add your events and choose to restrict their display to your own calendar or choose to include them in the University Calendar. University Marketing and Communications approves all events within 2 working days of submission prior to posting to the calendar.

Once your calendar is up and running, we can help build a feed that displays events on a page within your website. You can choose how many events to include in the feed. A popular location for an events feed is a column on the home page.

Event Feed Examples

Social Media Feeds

In addition to RSS feeds we can add social media feeds from your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Last Updated: 8/29/18