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Lunch & Updates Event: November 2nd, 2018

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Q&A about the new templates

  • Why is your team updating OU templates now?

Within the ever-shifting landscape of the web, University Marketing will periodically develop a new look and feel for the University website template. We then take the updated styles and implement these changes for use with our content management system. At the same time, we take the opportunity to improve the process of maintaining pages in the OU Campus content management system.


  • When was the last major update to OU templates?

The last major style update to the content management templates was back in 2013-2014.


  • Which user groups does this impact?

Website visitors: The new web template look and feel will impact the entire campus community. Students - both current and prospective, faculty, staff, and the general public rely on University websites to learn and share information. 

Content administrators: The new OU Campus system templates will impact all of the user groups at the University that manage content within the OU Campus content management system.


  • What are the most notable differences between the old templates and the new one? 

The most noticeable difference for website visitors is the change to the navigation menu. Menu links are now located on the right side of the window and appear in a fly-out menu when the menu icon is clicked. We are also making changes to the OU Campus editing experience. Processes for layout and adding design elements have been simplified. We plan to work with editors from the OU Campus community as we continue to develop and further polish the experience.


  • What are some completely new features?
    Aside from the major visual change of the menu location, there are differences in the way editors configure and update pages in the content management system. This system has been simplified to have a single webpage template. Many of the page layout features are now configured through the page properties.


  • How does the new template benefit the content editors?
    The goal of these changes is to make it easier for editors to configure, lay out, edit, and update webpages.


  • How will the overall redesign impact the user (students, staff, public) experience in general and in terms of platform (desktop, mobile) and accessibility?
    Design plays a big part of a visitor’s overall experience with a website and how they interact with it. The redesign will offer visually-appealing, functional, University websites. We follow industry standard best practices for responsive and accessible design. There has been a continued effort with the new templates towards accessibility and making them work on different platforms and across devices. 


  • In terms of snippets, will all of those still be available or will some of them be purged?
    Many of the same snippets will be available, although some have been replaced by the page configuration properties in order to simplify the editing experience.


  • What will happen to already published pages after migration?
    All the pages in a site that were in the old template will be converted to the new template and republished. All template upgrades will be done in close coordination with site managers and editors.


  • What's the timeline for focus groups, rollout?
    We don’t currently have a set date for focus groups or rollout. As we understand the importance of implementing these changes as soon as possible, we want to make sure things are done right from the very start. As we gather feedback from the focus groups we anticipate the rollout date will continue to be a moving target, however we are dedicating most our resources to a timely rollout. We expect to be starting our first site migrations around the beginning of the new year.
Last Updated: 11/29/18