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University Branded

Create sites that follow University style guides and keep a consistent look and feel with other sites across campus.

Consistent Navigation

The navigation and site structure is consistent and familiar for visitors moving between different University sites.


We offer a wide range of customization options that allows for the creation of websites that are truly one of a kind.

Search Friendly

The templates are set-up to help content producers succeed with search engine optimization through correct page organization.


Accessibility ensures all visitors, including individuals who rely on screen-readers have full correct access to the content on the page.

Our stance on accessibility

Cross-Browser Compatible

The browsing experience has been tested to offer a consistent feel for all modern internet browsers.


The templates are designed for comparable experiences if viewing on mobile, tablet, or desktop.


Following usability best practics our templates use tested and consistent font styles, sizes and colors to ensure content is easy to read.

Easy to Upgrade

All these consistencies make things easy to upgrade when the time comes. Leaving more time for developing new content.

Last Updated: 10/28/22