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Version 3.1: Responsive Video

What is a responsive video?

Videos are not responsive by default. The responsive video snippet allows video/audio to be responsive and formatted correctly across all screens (e.g. smart phones, desktops, tablets, etc.). This snippet is compatible with:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo

See hosting options for how to upload to each platform.

Example of Responsive Video Snippet

Creating a responsive video

Step 1:

On the page you're editing, click on the Snippets icon in the WYSIWYG Toolbar.

Step 2:

Select Video - Responsive and click Insert.

Step 3:

Delete the default text in the upper cell of the snippet.

Step 4:

Place your curser in the upper cell and click on Insert/Edit Media.

Step 5A: 

If you are linking from an external host, Copy and paste the URL of the video/audio. Resize if needed.
Click Save.

Step 5B:

If you have uploaded your video, browse for the video within the site. Resize if needed. Click Save.

Step 5C:

If you are using an embedded code, click Embed and then copy and paste the code. Resize if needed and then click Save.

Step 6:

Optional: Add text below the video.

Step 7:

Click Save to view changes.

Ways to style a video

Add classes in the table properties of the video to create different styles. These can be used in combination or on their own.


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Last Updated: 3/1/22