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Trumba: Adding Events

Quick Tip for First Time Users
Copy and bookmark this link exactly as it is displayed here:

Step 1:

Log in to Trumba with your uNID and password.

unid login screen

Step 2:

If you do not have access to multiple calendars, you can skip to step 3.

Select which calendar you wish to add the event from the list provided on the left-hand side. Once selected, it should show as the active calendar under Current Publication.

current publication

Step 3:

Click on Add Event.

add event button

Step 4:

Fill out the Event Information as needed.

event informationTitle: Name of Event

Campus Location: Select the location of the event from the dropdown. If the event isn't listed, click on "Use Campus Locations" and manually add location address. 

When: Add Start Date, Start Time, End Time and End Date

Repeat: If this is a recurring event, make sure to include an end date. Do not select the "No end date" checkbox.

Event Calendars: The overarching area for the event. The main colleges and offices will be listed here. 

Example: If this is an Anthropology event, you would select College of Social and Behavioral Science under Event Calendars and then Anthropology under Sub-Calendars.

Sub-Calendars: The departments, programs, and centers with overarching areas will be listed here.

Categories: Please select a max of 3 categories that are relevant to the event.

Alternate Location:  Optional. Leave blank if not applicable.

Room Name/Number:  Optional. Room name and number for event.

Event Image:  Optional. Leave blank if not applicable.

  • Images should not contain informational text.
  • Images should be no bigger than 300 pixels in width by 200 pixels in height and should be less than 1MB.

Cost:  Optional. Leave blank if not applicable.

Ticket URL:  Optional. Leave blank if not applicable.

Transportation/Parking:  Optional. Leave blank if not applicable.

Contact Name, Phone, and Email: Information for the primary contact of the event

Ongoing Event: Leave "No" unless this is a recurring event.

Campus Wide Event: Leave "Yes" unless this is a private event.

Submitter Name, Phone, and Email: Your information (may be the same as contact information)

Leave the following blank:

  • Owning Main Calendar Only
  • Owning Sub-Calendar Only
  • Filter Tags
  • Filter View Value
  • Description: Description of the event.
  • Web Link: Link associated with the event

Step 5:

Once you've filled out all of the relevant fields for your event, click OK. The system should then return you to the calendar homepage.

ok button

Step 6:

Using the display options dropdown (or the thumbnail calendar on the left-hand side), navigate to the date of the event to verify it has been successfully added to your calendar.

calendar view options


Last Updated: 10/27/23