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Beyond the Basics: Breadcrumbs


An introduction to Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumb navigations provide a hierarchical pathway for easy navigation and orientation within a website's structure. It appears as a horizontal trail of clickable links located near the top left of the page. Breadcrumbs are initialized when a new directory or page is created and is typically the directory or page title.

Editing Page Breadcrumbs

Step 1:

Check out the page you wish to edit and then navigate to Gadgets.

gadgets dropdown

Step 2:

With the Gadgets sidebar open, select the Page Parameters dropdown.

Page parametes in Gadgets dropdown

Step 3:

Once the Page Parameters dropdown is open, scroll to the Title and Metadata area. In the Title text field, replace the text with the new desired breadcrumb title. 

Title text field under page parameters

Step 4:

Click Save to view new breadcrumb.

save button

Editing Directory Breadcrumbs

After initaliztion, directory breadcrumbs can only be edited by the Web Support & Usability Team. If a directory breadcrumb needs to be updated, please contact to get it updated.

Last Updated: 5/8/24