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Dependency Managed Links

The Insert/Edit Link tool provides the basic functionality to add a hyperlink within the OU Editor. In addition to providing the basic functionality for creating and maintaining links, this tools provides more advanced functionality relating to linking including linking to anchors, specifying targets, applying classes, and utilizing JavaScript and HTML to affect the style and behavior of a link.

Dependency Manager

The Dependency Manager is a feature in OU that manages links among internal files. It is used to help preserve the integrity of links to content maintained in OU Campus, including binary files (images, PDFs, Word Docs, etc.). Dependency Manager maintains the correct link association when files or directories are moved or renamed. All the files that link to a moved or renamed file or directory are automatically republished to maintain the correct link. It also tracks the deletion of content.

page republish alert boxThe Dependency Manager can trigger alert boxes when you are moving files. An alert box may tell you that a number of pages will need to be republished if you click "OK" to confirm the action. Go ahead and click ok. The one exception would be that a page to be republished contains content that is not ready. In that case, click on Cancel and wait to make the change when all affected pages can be publlished.

broken link alert boxYou may get another type of alert box that warns you are about to break a link. This generally happens when you are trying to move an item to the Recycle Bin and it is still linked to a page in your site. If you receive this warning, click Cancel. Go to the page(s) listed in the alert box and remove the item in question. You can then go back to Pages view and move the item safely to the Recycle Bin. It's worth noting that anything that goes into OU's Recycle Bin can be retrieved and placed back in your site.

Last Updated: 6/1/18