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The Basics: Creating New Folders


What is a folder?

Folders are created as a way of organizing documents (.doc, .pdf, .xls) and images (.jpeg, .png, .svg).

Note: Folders are not meant to house webpages (.pcfs). 

Creating a new folder

Step 1:

Navigate to where you want the folder to reside.

Step 2:

Click New and select New Folder

new folder

Step 3:

Fill out the folder information as follows and click Create.

create button


Renaming a folder

Step 1:

Navigate to the top level of your folder.

top level folder

Step 2:

Hover over the folder and click on the More actions icon.

more actions

Step 3:

Click on File and Rename

file rename

Step 4:

Hit Enter/Return to confirm changes.

Note: You will need to republish folders and subsequent documents and images after renaming them.


Last Updated: 10/19/23