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 Snippets Library: A-Z Links


What are A-Z Links?

The snippet A-Z Links allows for pages to jump large distances for information that is sorted alphabetically. These are typically used for long lists of directories, resources, departments, etc.

Creating A-Z Links

Step 1:

On the page you're editing, click on the Snippets icon in the WYSIWYG Toolbar.

Step 2:

Select the A-Z Links and click Insert.

Make sure all of your content is on the page before going any further.

AZ links

Step 3:

Determine where your sections for your letters are going to begin. Place your cursor around the area of your first letter that will be used.

Step 4:

Create an anchor using the anchor tag.

Step 5:

Type the corresponding letter for the anchor tag then click Save.

Step 6:

Once the anchor tags you need are placed in your content, the A-Z Links snippet will automatically recognize the anchor tags and populate the bar of links.

Step 7:

To remove the entire snippet off of the page, delete the table by using the quick icon menu located above/below the snippet.

Editing A-Z Links

Step 1:

Click on the anchor tag next to the heading.

Step 2:

Edit your anchor in the pop-up window by replacing the content.

Step 3:

To delete the anchor tag, simply press delete after selecting it.


Last Updated: 10/19/23