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Snippets Library: Image Gallery


What is an image gallery?

The image gallery snippet displays a group of small, thumbnail images. Clicking on a small image will open a larger version of that image in the gallery. The gallery has forward and back arrows on either side of the full-size image. Clicking on an arrow will show the previous or next image in the gallery.

Image Gallery Example

Air-Med over Rice Eccles StadiumLegacy Bridge in FallAutumn Leaf and Red USpencer Fox Eccles Buisness BuildingJohn R Park BuildingMarriott Library at Sunset

Creating image galleries

Step 1:

Edit your images. Each image in the gallery needs a full-size image and a thumbnail image. All images should be under 100kb each.

  • Full-size images are typically around 500px wide and no larger than 900px wide.
  • Thumbnail images must be square and are usually 150px x 150px.

Stay consistent with the sizing of your images for optimal viewing.

Step 2:

Navigate to /_resources/images and create a new folder. Name this folder "galleries" and click Create

new folder

Step 3:

Create a subfolder within the galleries folder for this specific gallery and name it accordingly.

  • This folder will be for your full-sized images

folder icon


folder icon


Step 4: 

Upload and publish your full-sized images into the subfolder you just created.

publish button

Step 5:

While still in the first subfolder of galleries, create an additional subfolder.

  • This folder will be for your thumbnail images

folder icon


folder icon


folder icon



Step 6:

Upload and publish your thumbnail images in the sub-subfolder you just created.

publish button

Step 7:

Navigate to the webpage you want to add the image gallery. While in edit mode, click on the Snippets icon in the WYSIWYG Toolbar.

Step 8:

Select the Image Gallery Item and click Insert.

You will need to add a new Image Gallery Snippet for each thumbnail image.

image gallery snippet

Step 9:

Select the default image, then click the Insert/Edit Image icon in the WYSIWYG Toolbar to replace the default image with one of your thumbnail images.

image in wysiwyg toolbar

Step 10:

After the thumbnail has been inserted, click it and then select the Insert/Edit Link icon in the WYSIWYG Toolbar. Locate and link up the corresponding full-size image.

link in toolbar

Step 11:

Add descriptive text in the Title box. This title will display when the full-size image is viewed in the gallery.

descriptive title

Step 12:

Repeat steps 8-10 until your image gallery is complete.

Step 13:

Save and publish your page in order to view changes.


Multiple galleries on one page

If you have more than one gallery per page, each gallery will need a unique class so that it will display images independently of any other gallery on the page.

Step 1:

Click on the thumbnail image and then click on Insert/Edit Link icon in the WYSIWYG Toolbar.

link in toolbar


Step 2:

Switch the Class dropdown to (custom)

"u-gallery-1" is displayed in the Custom Class field.

custom class field


Step 3:

For additional galleries, change this class to "u-gallery-2".

You will need to change this for each image gallery item that is in the second gallery.

Step 4:

Save and publish to view changes.


Last Updated: 2/1/24