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Snippets Library: Pop Up Video


What is a pop up video?

A pop up video is a linked image that allows a video to pop up within the same page. The pop up video feature uses the image gallery snippet.

Creating a pop up video

Step 1:

On the page you're editing, click on the Snippets icon in the WYSIWYG Toolbar.

Step 2:

Select the Image Gallery Item and click Insert.

Step 3:

Replace the default image by selecting it and clicking the Insert/Edit Image icon in the WYSIWYG Toolbar.

Click Insert/ Edit Image in the WYSIWYG Editor.


Step 4:

Browse through your images on your site to include in the snippet.

Step 5:

After the image has been selected, add an Alternative description and/or Image title. The alt description should be something like "Bright Leaf Video" since that is the function of the link and should be announced by screen readers.


Step 6:

Select the new image and add a link by clicking the Insert/Edit Link icon in the WYSIWYG Toolbar.

insert/edit link

Step 7:

Copy and paste the link of the video page.

link url


Step 8:

Switch the Class dropdown to Custom and then add u-gallery-x, replacing the x with either a number or word. Then click Save.


Step 9:

Save and publish page to view changes.


Ways to style a pop up video

Add these classes in the link properties.

Helper Class:   hvr-grow

Link class for grow hover effect

Sample Description

Last Updated: 10/19/23