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The Basics: Marquees


An introduction to marquees

The marquee is an optional feature that is generally used on homepages and landing pages.  When selected, the marquee will be added directly under your header, above the first section of your page.

Marquees can display the following:

  • A singular image
  • A rotating series of images
  • A video (Please note: The marquee does not play audio)
static marquee

Example of a static marquee

What are the marquee dimensions?

A marquee image is 1500 pixels wide.  The height can vary as follows:

  • Small - 300 pixels
  • Medium (Default) - 500 pixels
  • Large - 700 pixels

Remember to select the appropriate marquee height options in Page Parameters. Images should be uploaded at the dimensions you wish for them to display.  Changing the window height will not resize the image. 

Last Updated: 10/19/23