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The Basics: Creating New Pages


Creating a new page

Step 1:

Navigate to the directory or main level of your site where you want the page to reside.

Step 2:

Click New and select New Page

new content new page dialog box

Step 3:

Fill out the page information accordingly and click Create.

new page dialog box

Step 4:

Once you've built out your page, click Publish. Once published, you can share your page URL.


publish button

Adding and editing sections

Sections can be thought of as the rows on your page.  You can add up to 5 sections on a page.

Step 1:

Check out the page you wish to edit and then navigate to Gadgets.

gadgets interface

Step 2:

With the Gadgets sidebar open, select the Page Parameters dropdown. 

gadgets sidebarNot seeing the Page Parameters dropdown? Review your gadgets by clicking the gear icon.

Step 3:

Once the Page Parameters dropdown is open, scroll to the Sections area. To enable or disable a section, select the Show Section checkbox.

Repeat this step to enable or disable additional sections.

show section checkbox

Adding and editing regions

Regions are the columns on your page. You can add up to 6 regions within a single section.

Step 1:

Follow steps 1-3 of adding and editing sections.

Step 2:

While still in Page Parameters, scroll to the section where the region(s) you wish to edit reside.

Step 3:

Use the Region Layout dropdown to enable or disable additional regions. 

region layout dropdown

Additional page elements

Last Updated: 10/19/23