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FormAssembly: Form Building Gotchas

Access File Uploads

  • Forms that have uploaded files (but are not considered sensitive) in either the uploads or the field data can be retrieved through Google spreadsheets.
    • Google Spreadsheet Upload Retrieval Instructions:
      1. Navigate to the spreadsheet.
      2. Click on the column titled, “Unprotected File List”.
      3. Copy the file URLs in the formula bar.
      4. Open a new browser window and paste the URL. This should prompt a file download.
  • Sensitive file uploads will require a data viewer license or editor license to retrieve.

Emailing Personally Identifiable Information Data

  • In accordance with GRC and University Policy, data collected through the forms cannot be emailed through the default FormAssembly settings. 

Google Connector Spreadsheets

  • Any changes you make to a form will create a new tab in a Google spreadsheet.
  • You will need to grant new access to your GCloud account each time you set up a spreadsheet.

Input Formats

  • uNIDs
    • Setup Instructions:
      1. Validation Rules > Expected Format - Custom
      2. Auto-Format with a Mask: u#######
  • Email Addresses
    • Setup Instructions:
      1. Validation Rules > Expected Format - Email

Spam Filters

  • In an effort to prevent spam submissions, please enable Google reCAPTCHA.
    • Setup Instructions:
      1. Select Processing in the left column.
      2. Under Spam Filter Options, select the Google reCAPTCHA checkbox to enable.
      3. Click Apply to save changes.




Last Updated: 1/8/24