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FormAssembly: Embedding Forms

The following instructions are for embedding FormAssembly forms on Modern Campus CMS sites.

How to embed forms in Modern Campus CMS

Step 1:

In FormAssembly, make note of the Form ID that you wish to embed.

form ID location in FormAssembly

Step 2:

Determine where you want the form placed on your page and then click on the Component Icon in the WYSIWYG Toolbar.

component icon in toolbar

Step 3:

Select v3-FormAssembly and click Insert.

component dialog box

Step 4:

Type in the FormID and then click Save.

formassembly component form ID dialog box


Step 5:

A blue button placeholder should display. Save the page.

blue formassembly component placeholder button

Step 6:

Upon saving and previewing the page, the following PHP code message should display: PHP code will render when the page is published.

php render messaging

Step 7:

Click Publish and then open the page in a new browser window to confirm the form displays as it should.

green publish button




Last Updated: 1/8/24